About Judi Tapley Counselling

Judi Tapley – A highly experienced counsellor in Folkestone Kent

Learn how to be happy, find your inner confidence and tackle your life difficulties.

I offer a selection of therapies to deal with a wide range of issues that can affect your everyday life. From anxiety attacks and phobias to anger management, as well as post-traumatic stress and self-esteem issues. I am professionally trained in many specialist therapies enabling me to offer support and counselling for all.

You will receive resources that you can continue to draw on and gain support from whenever you need it. These resources will support you to start taking control of your life.

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I offer a range of specialist therapies for people experiencing

  • Anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Bereavement and loss.
  • Personal relationships.
  • Low self-esteem and depression.
  • Anger management.
  • Tinnitus management.
  • Abuse of all kinds, neglect and childhood issues.
  • Personality disorders and self-identity issues.
  • Phobias and fears

Specialist therapies

I am qualified to offer highly focussed techniques in two main therapies:

Lifespan Integration

The process of integrating personal experiences and ego states across your life history to develop a stronger sense of self. This is particularly beneficial for people who have experienced early childhood abuse and neglect, resulting in low self-esteem and self-identity issues.


The process of desensitisation is aimed at reducing the intensity of disturbing thoughts and memories of past experiences. This has shown to be particularly beneficial for people who experience post-traumatic stress disorder, flashbacks, nightmares and panic attacks.

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